The style of the American Psychological Association, or APA (for its acronym in English for American Psychological Association) is a format for written work in the field of social sciences. The style dictates the mechanics of distribution and content pages. In many universities the APA format for the delivery of work requested. The biographies, especially of characters from the social sciences, often must be written according to these specifications. It is not difficult to adapt the format once you know the basic rules. Here you need to write a biography in the style of the APA.



Give your written format according to the requirements of the APA. Use margins of 1 inch (2.5 cm) on all sides and font Times New Roman 12 point. It should stop double spacing between sentences. The upper right corner should carry a header with a short version of the essay title and the page number.

Divide the essay into four sections: title page, abstract, body, and references. Handle these four sections and concentrate on one at a time, allow you to better understand the structure of a biography with APA format.

Includes a header in the first line of the title page, left aligned. Write the phrase “Header” followed by a colon and the short version of the title. Leave three double spaces and write the essay title in uppercase. Get another double space and put the author’s name. If the test is for a college class, let another double room and includes the name of the professor or assistant professor.

Starts a new page and write a summary of your timeline APA. Put the title “Summary” in the center, leaving a double space and write a summary of 120-150 words telling what your essay will deal. Do not leave any indentation in the summary.

Compose the body of the essay. This is the most important part of the job. The APA style requires a specific format for the reference material, depending on the source. Have at hand a reference guide while writing APA test body. Presented to the person on whom write the biography mentions his achievements and ends with his position or current activity. Write in the third person, using the active voice instead of passive.

It includes a complete and detailed list of the references you used in your essay. The APA format requested specific sources. You must have a reference guide available at the time of preparing this section of your essay. The reference list should include all publications that you base you to write the essay, and the names of the authors whose work you used, and the year of publication.