ny doctor would say the same thing: the best food for the baby during the first months is breast milk. It provides all the nutrients a baby needs and in fact, you can feed it only the beginning of his life. But once past that period, the child should start feeding on baby food, baby food, formula and other products that provide the nutrients needed for proper growth and healthy.

In principle, until the fourth or fifth month, breast milk or replacement will be enough to feed the baby. Thereafter, incorporate complementary foods gradually to milk. So too will try new flavors and textures, the taste starts to take shape, and will learn to chew solid foods.

And the food is one of the factors that influence its development. Therefore, we must pay close attention to what is going to take and how to prepare it. The first thing to remember is that every baby is different and therefore no one diet that works universally for all.

However, there are questions to be asked. What kind of food can be part of the baby’s diet? What should be the ratio? Are they the same traditional baby food or baby food we buy ready made purees that we can prepare at home? Let’s review the options.