For many people the search for comfortable shoes seems to be eternal. So much so that when we do find shoes that fit well, we wear them all the time and they wear out much more quickly. However often the problem with ill fitting shoes is not knowing what we need and why our footwear is so uncomfortable. This means that we simply go from new pair of shoes to new pair of shoes to try and find something that is comfortable enough to wear. However if we took a step back and looked at what the problem is, we’d find it much easier to wear shoes without them hurting our feet.

For many people the problem is actually to do with how well the bottom of their feet fits in with the shoes. Our feet are all different shapes which means that they don’t always fit as well into shoes as they could. This means that we’re lacking proper support and this leads to the rest of our shoe being uncomfortable. The answer to this is orthotic insoles which can be seen here.

These are designed to be placed inside a shoe and give your foot the support it has been lacking so far. These then mould to your foot to ensure that you are always supported and that the shoe is as comfortable as possible. When you look into buying orthotic insoles one of the first things you’ll notice is how many different styles they come in. This is great because it means that whatever your needs are there will be something to suit you. You can get something for running shoes, something for heels and everything in between – all designed to help make uncomfortable and unsupportive shoes a thing of the past.