Drinking alcohol makes it really unsafe for the drivers to drive a car and this is also totally illegal. The habit of impaired driving puts the drivers at risk along with the passengers in the cars and with people, who share the road at that time. So, it can be said that the drivers commit the crime of drinking and driving whenever they become unable to operate the vehicles safely while being impaired by the effects of prescribed medications, illegal drugs or over the counter drugs or by having the BAC or the Blood Alcohol Concentration of 0.08 grams every deciliter or more than that.

The level of alcohol in the blood of the driver is not the important factor in the impaired driving offence; all what matters is the ability of the person to drive. So, a person could have the blood alcohol level of just 50mg/100ml and still may not be capable of driving.

What are the minimum sentences of impaired driving?

  • In case of first offense: A minimum fine of $1000 and the order of preventing the driving from minimum one year to maximum three years, on top of the prison time, that you may receive.
  • In case of second offense: A minimum sentence of prison for 30 days and therefore an order to prevent the drivers from driving the car for a period of two to five years.
  • The offenses after that: A minimum sentence of prison for 120 days and therefore an order to prevent the drivers from driving the car for a minimum period of three years.


What are the powers of the police while dealing with the impaired drivers?


In order to identify the impaired drivers, the police can patrol and can observe how people are driving the cars or they can also stop the vehicles randomly. Besides, they can put up road blocks in case the public is advised. The roadblocks allow the policemen to check for drinking and driving and also to ask the drivers to stop their cars if required. The drivers should stop their cars whenever the uniformed policemen tell them to do this.


After that the police can ask brief questions to the drivers regarding the consumption of alcohol. In case it is proved that the drivers have taken something to drink, then they can conduct physical coordination tests or can conduct a screening test by using an approved screening device. You can learn more about the impaired driving by paying a visit to bestduilawyer.ca/impaired-driving-penalties.